To possess a fast running site, you need to have a clean and well structured backend code. Within the Web Hosting Control Panel, you will find a range of instruments that will help you increase your site’s efficiency without needing to alter anything with the backend code. The Website Accelerators – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js won’t just help you to supply better loading speeds to your website visitors and consequently minimize bounce rates, but could even drive your website higher in the search engine results positioning.

To utilize the Website Accelerators, just simply sign into your Web Hosting Control Panel and make an instance for the one you like.


RAM–saving as opposed to database requests

The Memcached platform is wonderful for enhancing web site loading rates by caching the data–base information that is inquired by your site visitors. It’s a powerful distributed memory object caching system, which allows for info and objects to be stored in the RAM as an alternative for being loaded when a customer visits a webpage.

This system is ideal for your data–base–powered websites or applications in which your clients dedicate plenty of time exploring and reading content. Memcached is found in the advanced applications part of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

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RAM–storing in place of HTTP calls

You can find multiple techniques to to boost a site, but most of these require a designer to rewrite the backend code. Luckily, there are more straightforward alternatives for increasing the rate of a web site, such as the Varnish web accelerator tool built into the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Varnish represents an HTTP accelerator, which stores HTTP queries inside the RAM and returns them to the viewer as a substitute for waiting for the web server to send them. Testing prove that putting into action Varnish on a web site or an application generally hurries up delivery times with a 300 – 1000x factor. Varnish can also be set up how to deal with arriving requests – if they must be returned by Varnish, by the web server, etc.

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Construct scalable web applications without difficulty

Node.js comes with a modern–day development platform for developing scalable web apps and sites in record time. It could be used for nearly anything – from coping with API calls, streaming data and also parsing emails to converting images, music files, videos and office docs.

It’s based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also uses an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it light and efficient. In addition, Node.js provides a sizeable supporting community that makes regular changes for the system and is constantly all set to offer advice.

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