Although a regular shared hosting account is generally created automatically, there are still smaller setup tasks which are handled manually by the hosting provider. Setting up a virtual or a dedicated server needs even additional efforts since a considerable amount of time is spent to install and configure the hardware and software platform, and then test the server so as to ensure its proper operation before it's handed over to the customer. To help cover the time spent on that, a number of providers have a set-up fee that you will be required to pay every time you order your new hosting plan. In many cases, that charge won't show up prior to reaching the payment page and you won't see it before that on your main page next to the website hosting package attributes. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it may vary from a small to a significant amount of money depending on the provider.
Setup Fee in Shared Hosting
If you obtain a shared hosting plan through us, you will not ever need to pay any kind of setup charges. For that matter, we do not have other obscured fees of any sort too. We appreciate every customer and it's our belief that when you order any sort of plan from us, you should not have to pay something more than the fee for the web hosting plan. You will not discover any concealed fees before or after your order, which shows you that we are a dependable and loyal supplier. The price of your new shared website hosting plan is the same everywhere on our web site - the main page, the order as well as the payment pages. Because we also provide instant account activation, you will not have to wait for hours or even days to be able to start creating your site.