If you are a site owner, a problem may always occur and it doesn’t automatically have to be related to the hosting service. For instance, something could go wrong when you bring a software app up to date or some critical data might be modified or erased by chance. Irrespective of what the essence of the problem may be, you’ll need to contact the client support team and ask them to restore a backup or to help you fix the problem that you are confronting. How timely they will do that will determine how much time your sites will be unreachable. For particular websites such as community websites or Internet shops, a repetitive downtime period too often equals lost visitors and cash. That said, it is quite important for you to use the services of a hosting company that provides not only a good client care service, but also a well-timed one.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Shared Hosting
Our guaranteed maximum reply time for any tech support ticket that you post or any e-mail that you send is just sixty minutes, even in case you contact us during weekends and public holidays. Whatever the essence of your enquiry or problem may be, we will lend a helping hand straight away and will supply you with the required info to fix any problem with your websites. The real response time usually does not exceed 15 to 20 minutes, which is the reason why you can forget about waiting around for hours and hours to get a problem fixed or even worse than that – waiting one whole day only to receive a response that more info is required whilst nothing is fixed. We will assist you in a well-timed manner solely because we understand how expensive time can be in the dynamic digital realm. The one-hour response time guarantee is valid for any billing or technical inquiry that you may have relating to our shared hosting.