If you decide that you'd like to change the provider that's hosting your sites, you'll need to move all the content to the servers of the new one, which may not be a very easy task if you don't have a great deal of experience or you just have no time to get it done. If you have an HTML Internet site, it won't be challenging to migrate it as the migration is merely re-uploading all the files to your new account, but if you have a script-driven Internet site and you need to migrate a database, then link the Internet site to it, and in addition you'd like to transfer mailboxes that you have set up for your domain, you might find the whole process problematic. To make things easier if you choose to get an Internet hosting account from our company, we offer Internet site migration as a totally free service with all of our Internet hosting packages, helping you save the time, capital and efforts which you'll otherwise have to spend to migrate the content yourself.
Assisted Website Migration in Shared Hosting
The service is available with each shared hosting service which we offer, so once your new account is operational, you'll be able to contact us to prepare the migration process. Our qualified technical support can migrate even a number of Internet sites depending on the particular plan you have signed up for and shall test out each one of them on our end to ensure that everything runs faultlessly when you point your domain to our advanced cloud hosting platform. That way, you won't see any downtime of your sites because the exact same content will show up whenever the new domain name servers propagate. We can relocate any sort of website, including a custom-built one, provided it runs on a Linux-powered server and it is not built using a closed-source platform such as Wix or Weebly since we can't access the actual site files. The entire migration process is normally performed within 24-48 hours and we'll inform you the minute we are done.